So you say you want a UROP...

Where to find one?

  • The UROP Office - Room 7-104
  • The UROP website listing
  • Dept. UROP coordinators
  • Professors whose classes you take - look up their research online then ask them about it after class
  • Graduate resident advisors who work in labs
  • Other students who have UROPed or are UROPing - ask them if their labs need replacements for students leaving for the summer/internships/graduating. When you do get an offer, ask them about their experience and for some materials they found helpful.

Other tips: when responding to UROP openings via email, be persistent. If the grad student has not replied for an interview or meeting within a few days, try politely emailing him/her again. Show them that you are truly interested in their research topic by understanding the project description and maybe doing a little bit of research yourself on the lab and grad student's work.

Official UROP Website

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