The president must have a clear vision for BMES, strong communication skills, and a dedication to biomedical engineering.


  1. Oversees all BMES activities, all other officers, and allocates duties
  2. Handles all the correspondence with the members of the Biomedical Engineering Society
  3. Determines executive meeting dates and presides over executive meetings
  4. Plans and organizes General Body Meetings
  5. Sets agenda for meetings and the academic year
  6. Helps other officers in planning and organizing events
  7. Oversees planning of the activities midway over the summer
  8. Attends all events
  9. Attends any general body ASA meetings and Finboard allocation appeals
  10. Initiates new programs
  11. Directs member inquiries to the correct contacts
  12. Meets regularly with the faculty advisors to discuss progress
  13. Serves as the official MIT representative of BE-BMES to companies, the press, MIT and any other organization.


No more than 2 people can run as co-Presidents.


The secretary/treasurer must be responsible and organized.


  1. Keeps minutes at all meetings and send them to the executive board via email no more than 2 days after the meeting
  2. Maintains all mailing lists associated with the society
  3. Maintains the membership roster (providing sign-up sheets at events, etc.)
  4. Updates the MIT events calendar in advance of upcoming BE-BMES events
  5. Handles the finance of the BE-BMES by keeping track of expenditures and income
  6. With the assistance of the president, drafts budget proposals and requests funding from the UA Finance
  7. Board
  8. Organizes fundraisers for BE-BMES when appropriate
  9. Signs the club’s checks/vouchers and promptly submits reimbursement requests for executive officers

Industrial Relations Chair

The IR Chair must have strong communication skills and willing to network with the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and bioengineering industries surrounding MIT.


  1. Maintains and acquires industrial contacts
  2. Forwards industry internships/job opportunities to BE-BMES members via email and the BMES website
  3. Works with the MIT Career Fair committee and Technology Fair committee to establish representation of companies that are of interest to members of BE-BMES
  4. Organizes at least 1 tour of a biotechnology, pharmaceutical, bioengineering or biomedical engineering firm in the greater Boston area.

Distinguished Lecture Series Chair

The DLS Chair must have good organization skills and willing to connect with local entrepreneurs in medicine and bioengineering fields.


  1. Hosts a guest lecture once per month
  2. Reserves a room for the lecture
  3. Coordinates with the publicity chair regarding printing and placing of posters, and emails reminders to the general body
  4. Set up before and clean up after the lecture
  5. Introduce the guest speaker
  6. Maintains relations with our lectures series partner, IEEE EMBS
  7. Uses creativity to choose lecture topics that appeal to undergraduates

Student Research Chair

The SR Chair must have good organization skills, good communication skills, works well with the administration members in the BE departments and the industry sponsors.


  1. Oversees and administers awards given for student research in biomedical engineering
  2. Organizes the Fall Merck Poster Session and the Spring Johnson & Johnson Excellence in Research Prizes (reserves a room for the award ceremony, orders dinner and prints out award certificates)
  3. Recruits judges for the judging committee and purchases thank you gifts for judges and sponsors
  4. Develops judging rubric
  5. Ensures that award checks are delivered promptly
  6. Works closely faculty advisors, the BE Administrative Office, the BE-BMES President(s) and industry representatives
  7. Initiates new ideas to promote undergraduate research in bioengineering and biomedical engineering
  8. Maintains funding and locates new sources of industry funding for the research prizes

Campus Relations Chair

The CR chair must be free during the week of Orientation and CPW to plan Fall Activities Midway and CPW Activities Fair. S/he must be enthusiastic, with good communication and organization skills.


  1. Coordinates activities that improve the relationship between the general MIT community and BE-BMES
  2. Organizes Activities Midway for Orientation and CPW (purchasing skittles, M&Ms and falcon tubes, setting up and breaking down the booth, printing and dispensing promotional activities, etc.)
  3. Organizes at least one study break a semester (e.g. Caffeine Study Break)
  4. Serves as a liaison for other MIT student organizations who wish to co-sponsor events with BMES

Faculty Relations Chair

The FR chair must have strong communication skills and willing to network with faculty members at MIT who research is related to the biological engineering and biomedical engineering fields.


  1. Maintains good relationship between BE-BMES and the MIT faculty, particularly reaching out to professors from other departments whose research is related to the biological engineering and biomedical engineering fields
  2. Organizes at least one faculty-student luncheon per month
  3. Directs open UROP/research positions to the mailing list and website
  4. Initiates new activities that introduces students to faculty members and narrows the student-faculty divide

Publicity Chair

The publicity chair should be responsible and meets deadlines well.


  1. Coordinates all advertising efforts, and work to raise the profile of BE-BMES on campus
  2. Coordinates with campus media (The Tech, DomeView, etc.) for advertising and publicizing events
  3. Designs the posters a week in advance of any upcoming events
  4. Sends publicity and reminder emails regarding upcoming events to the BE-BMES mailing list and other pertinent mailing lists
  5. Designs and updates the BE-BMES bulletin board
  6. Helps with the production and sale of BE-BMES t-shirts and other promotional BE-BMES items.


The webmaster should know HTML and other necessary coding languages to design and maintain the BRAND NEW BE-BMES website. S/he should be highly independent, self-motivated, and meets deadlines well.


  1. Designs and maintains the BE-BMES website that dispenses information regarding the club to interested parties, provides summaries of recently held events, publicizes upcoming events online and update new employment positions in industry and academia.
  2. Maintains the election website: updates the candidacy and platform statements online form, posts the candidates online and creates an online voting page

BioTECH Editor (2 positions)

The editors must be highly independent but work well with a team. They must be self-motivated with good communications skills.


  1. Oversees the production and distribution of the BioTECH newsletter
  2. Publishes at least one BioTECH newsletter per semester
  3. Writes columns and articles for the BioTECH
  4. Recruits guest writers for the BioTECH as is appropriate

BioTECH Photographer

The photographer must be highly independent but work well with a team. They must meet deadlines well.


  1. Takes photographs of at least ¾ of BE-BMES events and selects appropriate photos for publication in the BioTECH.
  2. Works with the BioTECH editors and layout editors to produce
  3. Creates and maintains an archive of all BE-BMES related photographs
  4. Submits pertinent BE-BMES photographs to the webmaster to post on the BE-BMES website

BioTECH Layout Editor

The layout editor must be highly independent but work well with a team. They must meet deadlines well.


  1. Works with the editors and photographer to create the layout of the BioTECH.